1st Overall – Winter Warrior 10K

Anthony took 1st place overall at the Winter Warrior 10K snowshoe race!


Report by Anthony from Facebook:
Muscles work better a little warmer, but since my first season on snowshoes I’ve had the fantasy of racing across light powder on a bluebird day Just cold enough that the snow doesn’t get slushy. Just something about it seemed like the answer.. Today I got to live that, in Rundies and a bib number. If it were about solely about running fast today then a short woulda been smart, but the loudness of the sensations today was too much to miss out on: the breeze picking up individual snowflakes that melted one at a time it seemed over warm, CO sun tanned skin as I hammered through the pine trees, the sun like an electric blanket against any exposed skin perfectly balanced the rush of cool air in and out. And the sky was so blue you could feel the color hitting you! Damn. I can barely even attempt to explain what it meant to me like there today.

Thanks Steve Ilg and the Winter Warrior 10k for another year, and to all the volunteers keeping me on course and safe (not always easy, sorry, but I’m as grateful as anyone!). And to everyone that came out, raced hard, and shared stories and thoughts today, you guys are my family. @undermates

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