Help Found our Elite Team

If you’re interested in mountain/ultra/trail (MUT) running at the national and international level, and are willing to relocate to Durango in order to train with like-minded people, drop and email to Anthony at
What we’re looking for is potential to compete at the top level of MUT running, nationally (top 5-10 at national champs) and internationally (qualifying for a USATF team). A good place to start is:

As of now, we can offer about as much as other Elite Development programs do, which is not much:
-shared sponsors
-local hookups with high quality food
-discounted or free bodywork
-roommates to help shrink your bills
– potential coaching opportunities in our youth club if you have the passion for it, or help finding a job that will optimize your training

As we get more hooked up with the local community, the possibilities are seemingly endless. This is going to be close to a fully professional team as soon as possible, but until then we’re exploring every option we have to minimize the “work” and maximize the “play.”

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