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Race coming up?  Need help selecting a race?  Nagging injuries?  Want to get faster?  Does your child need the help?

I bring almost 10 years of obsessive amounts of reading and certification programs (USATF, RRCA, Lydiard Foundation, NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist, NPTI – Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling) to over 7 years of logging my own workouts, food, mental states, and lifestyle factors allows me to effectively create a unique program to assist you in your sport of choice.

Using my method of base building and attention to “all the little things” with youth and adult runners since 2013, we’ve seen amazing results.  I myself being a “dirtbag” athlete/starving artist, my bills are kept to a minimum and my life simple.  Since this is my passion and my bills are so, I choose to charge much less than the average, while offering a more in-depth analysis of each individual person.  I enjoy being in near-constant contact with my athletes and to not limit our communication like many online coaches do.  You won’t just follow the program laid out for you; you’ll have my email, and personal cell number to be able to contact me for support, advice, and any other questions I can assist you with.

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Package Price Purchase
30-40 minute consultation $15

1 Month coaching $100

3 Months coaching $240 ($80/month)



Anthony Kunkel and Jim Worthen after the Utah Valley Marathon
Anthony Kunkel and Jim Worthen after the Utah Valley Marathon in June, 2015

“After Six short months of running and have never ran in a race or track prior to August of 2014, I had hit a point in my running where something had to change.  I met Anthony at a 5K in December of 2014 and reached out to him in January after my first 10K made me almost quit running altogether.  I knew something had to change if I wanted to improve.  Anthony setup a sit down meeting with me where he took notes on my goals and what I was currently doing then said he would be in touch within the week.  We had a second sit down the following week where he told me I could do a 90 minute half marathon in 3 months.  After following his advice I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon and finished in 91 minutes!  I am very glad I met Anthony when I did or else I would not be currently training for the Utah Valley Full Marathon this year in a BQ time.”  — James Worthen